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My name is Chrissi Shields, and I couldn�t be more excited to meet you here! My life has been nothing but crazy beautiful since my time of birth. I can't tell you about baby years but as far back as I can remember I have been loud, free spirited, and determined to do things my own way and again, not quietly! So first things first. Here is a fun fact about me,.I have no volume control!! Which is totally irrelevant until you meet me and need ear plugs! Ha! I am a super blessed wifey and a mommy to three crazy loving kiddos. I am passionate about motherhood, loving Jesus and Motocross. The first time I ever met my husband Tony, he was all geared up riding and now God has placed us on this beautiful journey full of dirt bikes. We as a family spends 90% of our time at the MX track and I wouldn't have it any other way..I am a mom of motocross! Like many other sports we compete on Sundays, where many are gathering together at �church� for worship we find ourselves trackside with VAMM learning about Jesus for a few minutes before we race. While I will never underestimate the power of our trackside church and our mission to bring the GOOD NEWS (we want you there) - I need more, you need more, we all need more Jesus in our lives! Out of my passion for more, God has given me vision through VAMM as the community leader here at Mother of Motocross'ers (MOM's). I am anxious to grow faithfully with you by my side!

Xo, Chrissi
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I imagine that on any given day, you�re picking up the kids from somewhere, shopping for food to fill several hungry mouths, headed to the track, leaving the track, washing the gear, and the list goes on. We both can agree that this is the most incredibleand the most exhausting job in the world to be a mom and to be a #motomom puts an extra cherry �Worry� on top. It is constant chaos�but it is your chaos and I know you wouldn�t trade it for the world. If you�re overwhelmed with your crazy beautiful life and your desire is to find more in your moments than you�re in the right place! My mission is to influence you to find joy in your journey by providing biblical inspiration to transform your heart, family, and life. Through devotionals, community and our inspiring blog my goal is to Inspire you to find Jesus, Empower you with God�s truths and Transform your life so you can live joyfully in your moments that matter. I am passionate about Jesus and intentionally seeking his face. My goal is to not to eliminate the daily disorder of a full life -- - an impossible task if there ever was one!-- -but to embrace it, to equip you with the vision to create a life built for God�s glory and a bold mind set that changes the way you live. You see, Mothers of Motrocross'ers (MOM's), is a celebration of life built on God�s promises, a mindset, a choice and a journey.

What do you say to joining me on a journey towards becoming an intentional mom of motocross?

Xo, Chrissi
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