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4. Download forms at bottom of page, fill out and bring to camp check-in

CampAdrenaline: December 1-2, 2016
Hosted by:
Vertical Adrenaline Motocross Ministries
Track/Camp Location: 
Young County Arena, 120 Barclay Blvd, Graham, TX 76450
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Camp Director: Luke Nievar,
Sr Pastor of VAMM (817) 771-4959
Lead Instructor: Bryan Jackson. 2015 Nitro AX Tour VET Champion

Important Notes:
*Camp is for all riders, all skill lever and all sizes of bikes
*Camp riders under 18 MUST be accompanied by 1 parent or g-parent min
*Camp price includes diner on Thursday at 6PM and lunch Friday at noon
*Camp price includes dry camping - RV hookups are available. Call for more info

Camp rider parent(s) are asked to volunteer and help where needed at the camp. (eg) Food preparation, yellow flagging during FREE ride sessions, helping with bike mechanical needs


About CampAdrenaline
Thank you for your interest in the CampAdrenaline Christian motocross camp. This is a great opportunity for you to work with trainers that have a proven track record, and not only on the MX track, but on the track of life too. The camp is targeted  to help riders progress in the sport of as well as a relationship with Jesus Christ. As this camp will teach, life is full of obstacles just like a motocross course. We'll train you up to make better decisions on and off the track and be more Godly minded about your every move and action.

God wants us to prosper and succeed. He also wants us to Glorify Him in all that we do, including motocross.

About Ages | Bike sizes | Skill
CampAdrenaline is currently for all ages and all skill levels and will cover most aspects of motocross, from starts to cornering to jumping. Believe us, your butt is going to be raw and sore by camp end.

About the Instructors?
Our instructors are guys that love the sport of motocross. They are Champions on and off the track and have spent the majority of their life traveling, training, racing, and becoming Champions at what they do. Your stay at the camp will start a lifelong bond and relationship that will surely have many benefits to come. 

Many camps offer up numerous instructors and we find advantage on that also. However, at CampAdrenaline we're more focused on smaller numbers of attendees and more one-on-one instruction and relationship building opportunity. You'll see what we're taking about and we promise - you'll love it.

About the track?
Graham AX is a relaxed AX track that is more geared towards the novice/vet skill level and will work great for what we have planned for your riding skill advancement.

About eats and stuff?
We will provide all the diner Thursday at 6AM and lunch Friday at noon. You're on your own for all other meals.  


TImes will vary....

Thursday Dec 1 Friday Dec 2
  11:00PM Check-In  - - -  Forms
1:00PM Welcome - Expectations
Burn Some Laps (Split Classes)
2:00PM Training
4:00PM Training
4:30PM Burn Some Laps (Split Classes)
5:00 Free Time
6:00PM Diner \ Chapel
7:30PM Movie - Vertical Adrenaline
7:30AM Breakfast - On your own

8:00AM Day Expectations
8:45AM Speaker
9:00AM Burn Some Laps (Split Classes)
9:30AM T
11:15AM Training
12:00PM Noon 

Camp Wrap Up


About scholarships?
Unfortunately, Vertical Adrenaline doesn't have a program like some camps, in which you can apply for financial assistance to attend camp. However, our friends over at CampREV has some proven ideas at seeking financial help, sponsorship, scholarship, whatever you wish to call it, and it is simply by hitting the street and finding partners. As a ministry ourselves, we know all about securing funding and seeking out partnerships. We encourage you to get creative with fundraising ideas. We will pray for you and we believe God will favor you, but we all have to do our part.

Here are some creative ideas that may help you raise the funding needed to make CampAdrenaline a reality:

#1 Pray
#2 Ask us to join with you in prayer Email Us
#3 Send out fundraiser letters (Sample Letter)
#4 Follow up in person after sending letter. That way they can see your heart.
#5 Host a community car wash (wash cars in your community for a donation)
#6 Knock on doors. Read a scripture about being bold. Joshua 1:9
#7 Speak to your local Church Pastor and get them on board.

Praise Worthy
Vertical Adrenaline has been doing trackside ministry since 2000. We are passionate about serving the Lord, riding dirt scooters, and growing the MX community to be more Godly. We have been involved with many outreaches  through the years, but have seen countless lives changed due to Christian MX Camps.

Final Checklist
1. Read entire page of information
2. Make Payment of $175.00 using our donation link on the Vertical Adrenaline website. Please enter "CAMP" in the notes section of the donation. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK 
3. Submit Online Registration Form  CLICK HERE
4. Download forms, fill out and bring to camp check-in


RELEASE WAIVER FORM NON RIDERS Required for EVERY non-rider that will be at camp


GUARDIAN/PARENT ASSIGNMENT FORM Notary Required | 2 copies required


FAQ's - Adding and UPDATING as we go

QUESTION: Can I attend part of the camp, or do I have to be there everyday?

This has been asked several times and for many reasons, we ask that you not signup for the camp unless you can be there form start to finish. Some have specifically asked if they can come Friday and not Thursday but still pay the full amount. We apologize and understand that scheduling is tough. However, the camp has important things from check-in to check-out and it just wouldn't be fair to skip parts, nor would it be safe, nor would it do what it is designed to do for you. We hope that somehow those interested in partial camp stays will find a way to possibly rearrange their schedule and make a full commitment in order to receive a full Blessing from the Camp and it's instructors and leaders.

QUESTION: Can I throw a tent at the camp? 
Yes - the arena has showers too.

QUESTION: Is there Wi-Fi at the facility for Internet service? 
Not at this time. And cell service is dismal.

QUESTION: Will the camp be good for a VET beginner rider? 
Certainly! Camps such as this are geared more towards entry to mid-level riders simply because that's the riders wanting and needing to learn the most. This don't mean you can't learn even if you are a PRO. With these Champion MX'ers doing the training, they might know something even the seasoned pro's don't know.....grin

QUESTION: If in the event I get injured after signing up, and before camp starts, can there be exception for a full refund? 
Absolutely! Even though we say no refunds, this would certainly be a fair exception. Just respect that we too are out much expense preparing for camp. Unfortunately we will not be able to obtain refunds on groceries, trainers, fuel, track personal and much more. Due to such we have to be somewhat policy minded so we don't loose the bank


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