God is good. He loves you and wants you to accept His grace through faith in Jesus Christ. -Luke Nievar


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As Senior Pastor of VAMM, I'd like to take a moment and tell u a bit about why me and my family are involved with Vertical Adrenaline. We love to ride motorcycles and spend time together as a family. (Well at least my son River, #24, and daughter Brook #25, do the ride part and my wife Mandee spearheads the family time part and I just do what she tells me). On top of that we love Jesus and believe he is the only way to God. The bible says acknowledge God in all your ways and he will make your paths straight. I see an entire culture of people here at the track, week in and week out, that by enlarge love the lord as well so we are trying to organize it at the track so that we as racers don't have to miss that fellowship (church). In the process we are also trying to be a light to those who don't know Jesus as Lord so that we may plant seeds that will ultimately bring them to accepting that everlasting life.

We feel truly blessed to be a part of VAMM and truly blessed to serve as essentially missionaries to the track. Please be in prayer for all of us at VAMM. Sure would like to visit with yall at the track so stop by the rig. Ps.118:8

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