Delight yourself also in the LORD: and he shall give you the desires of your heart.  -Psalm 37:4
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I was first born in 1962 and then "Born Again" as a Christian in 1972. I started riding dirt scooters at the age of 5 on a 1969 Yamaha 185 twin. I got my first bike for Christmas in 1971. It was a Yamaha Enduro 60 and I still have it. I raced my first race on that bike in Brownwood TX in 1972. My dad and mom, as we'll as his dad and mom, we're all into motorcycles dating back to the 1920's. In fact, my grandparents didn't even own their first car until the year my dad was born, which was 1935. My granddads last bike was a 1949 Harley Hummer, in which we still have. I grew up riding with my mom and dad along with my brother Terrell Jackson. It's really cool that I was born at a time to see motocross born, as it didn't come to the states until the late 60's. So I wasn't a "raised at the MX track" kid as many are today. I watched my dad participate in hill climbs, lime runs, and a little flat tracking. His first mx race was pretty much his last as bikes back then wasn't near as kind to the aging body as they are nowadays. His bikes back then were Hodaka's for the MX and a 1958 Ariel 500 for the other stuff, which we still have too.

Fast forward a few years and God decided I needed to be married, so there come along Tina. We got married in 1982, started the Bryans business, with my mother and father, in 1985 and had 2 awesome boys, Daniel in 1987, and Tye in 1990. For quite a few years the racing was not only back seat, it was nonexistent. It wasn't long though and I was back, but this time with kids, a wife, employees and loads of other responsibilities. It was different now, and the difference was that it was more fun than ever before. Over the next several years I would get to see my boy's race and be involved with the sport to growing up and getting married or going off to college. But somewhere in there the way the Lord spoke to me that my children, along with many others', we're not receiving the word. For those that may not know, races are generally held on Sundays, and that takes us away from Church. Anyway, in 2000 my family and I started doing trackside ministry.

In the last decade of racing the Lord has Blessed me with a number of things that create much to testify about. Along with my family, I have built a number of successful businesses, my wife Tina and I have enjoyed a successful marriage with 2 wonderful sons, I have won a number of National Championships, a World Vet Title and a USA Championship. Along with the good, sometimes there's the not so good. I've had some nasty get offs during this time too and encountered a few surgeries, a few internal plates, and more than a few screws. These were very hard times for my family, and I don't take that lightly. This sport certainly has its ups and downs, but so does the world we live in. I enjoy the opportunity to give testimony on what the Lord has Blessed me with and the miracles' he's worked on my body, but my main testimony is to show kids that it's good and healthy to have passion with the talent God gives us. It's also cool and ok to give our lives to Him at an early age and detour all the junk that many seem to endure before finding Jesus.

Thank you again for visiting the website and remember, ride hard but pray harder!

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